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Parthprachet Industries specialises in Liquid Painting and Powder Coatings services in Goa - India. Working closely with leading manufacturers, we have always showcased a top class quality that complements our capabilities. Our focus is always on providing high quality service to our customers with a commitment to their satisfaction.

We cover domains right from fabrication process to the final processed stage. We have a great expertise in the areas like liquid painting, powder coating, 7 tank chemical treatment, fan component machining etc.

  • Liquid Painting
  • Powder Coating
  • 7 Tank Pre-Treatment
  • Fan Component Machining

Our Services

Liquid Painting

Liquid painting is used to give quality finish and durability to substrates like metal or plastic. At Parthprachet Industries, we provide high quality liquid painting service to a wide range of customers from Goa and outside states, giving superior resistance to corrosion and adding a glossy look and durability to their parts and components.

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Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a durable and attractive finish applied as a free flowing dry powder to the metal items.It is mainly used for coating the metals items like fan's top and bottom part, railings, automobile parts etc. Powder coating is the most cost-effective finishing option and has many advantages over tarditional liquid painting.

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7-Tank Pre-Treatment

Mild steel(MS) when exposed to humidity and oxygen begins to rust due to oxidation. Hence to prevent the MS material, it is often made to undergo through 7 tank pre-treatment. The pre- treatment also helps in de-greasing the metal sufaces so that during powder coating, the layer adheres to the metal surface strongly and give a unform and beautiful finish.

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Highly skilled and experienced team

Skilled workforce with great experience in Liquid painting and powder coating on different substrates, backed by a dedicated quality control lead.

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Reliable Service and Quality Work

We are highly reliable and transparent with our customers.This is demonstrated by our timely deliveries and work quality.

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100% client satisfaction

We believe in building strong and long lasting relationships with our customers and take utmost care about our client's satisfaction.

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The Process We Follow

The Pre-Treatment

Based on the type of the substrate, the 7-tank or 4-tank Pre-treatment process is chosen. The 7-tank pre-treatment is chosen for Mild Steel(MS) or other metal substrates and the 4-tank treatment is usually suitable for aluminium parts like fan blades etc.

Mild Steel parts are first degreased to remove any oil and grease from the surface.These is then treated with appropriate derusting chemicals to remove any rust from metal surfaces.The substrate is than water rinsed and undergo Activation process.After activation, Phosphating is carried out to give uniform zinc phosphate coating on the subtrate's surface.The series of 7 stage treatment is carried out on the metal substrate to make it corosion resistive and prepare its surface for better adhesion of powder coating layer.


Based on the type of the substrate or according to customer's specification, the pre-treated substrate undergo either liquid painting or powder coating process

The powder coating is applied by spraying electrostatically charged particles of pigment onto electrically grounded metal parts using an electrostatic gun.The metal part is then cured in an oven.

The liquid paint is applied to a wide range of substrates like aluminum, stainless steel, plastic etc to help improve their resistance towards corrosion and gives them glossy and shiny look.

Drying and Curing

Once the specified coating is given to a subsrate, it is cured in an oven for coating to spread uniformly over the surface.

The liquid painted parts are let to dry in a clean environment in a assembled fashion. Once everything is done, the ready parts are futher analysed for quality control which is then forwarded to packaging and shipment department.

Recent Projects

Liquid Painting

Liquid Painting

Powder Coating

7tank Pre-treatment

Liquid Painting

7 tank Pre-treatment

Powder Coating

Why Choose Us

We follow some strict protocols and take quality-standard and our client satisfaction
on a very serious note..

We are focused towards delivering our promises within the timeframe with high priority to the service quality.
We believe in making strong and long-lasting bond with our customers. We give best possible post delievery support for our valuable customers.
We have best industry standard machineries and excellent infrastructure to handle any large scale orders.
  • Best in class quality at competitive price
  • Transparent and reasonable quotes

Services at reasonable cost, with high standard quality work makes us stand out in these competitive industry

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  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Latest machineries and tools
  • Dedicated quality control team

Excellent infrastructure, latest machineries and hugh workforce makes us capable of handling large or heavy items at any scale

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We are always highly transparent with our clients and believing in making a long lasting bond with them.

  • Well documented and organised work
  • Trackable work flow and processes
  • Highly transparent business interactions
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